That’s alright, DW. I didn’t have anything much to do today anyway.

In complete awe. Del Kathryn Barton up close. #artgalleryofsa #darkheart #delkathrynbarton #theheartland (at Art Gallery of South Australia)

9 metres of breathtaking Del Kathryn Barton beauty. Worth every second of the 7hrs it’s added on to my round trip.

Wish I could spend more time here; would highly recommend the Art Gallery of South Australia’s Dark Heart exhibition if you’re in town before 11 May.
#artgalleryofsa #darkheart#delkathrynbarton #theheartland (at Art Gallery of South Australia)

Throwing out a late afternoon line on the water with dad.
#mildura #murrayriver #camping

Watching boats catch the sunlight during warm-ups for tomorrow’s 100km ski race. #fromwhereyoudratherbe #murrayriver #mildura #camping

Morning coffee on the Murray. #fromwhereyoudratherbe #camping #murrayriver #mildura

Hilariously unexpected and amazing birthday gift from @stillpixels and @bonechaos_ via a @quarterly @swissmiss subscription. DW IS GOING TO LOVE THIS. πŸŽ‰πŸ™€

Welcome Home Cuddles quickly become I Have An Insatiable Need To Climb All Over You hour.

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Source. This is a real thing. It’s happening.

HIV Has Been Cured in a Child for the First Time

HIV Cure: New Drug β€˜Vacc-4x’ May Become First Functional Cure Against the Virus

The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not

This is HUGE news, and of course no one is talking about it because it is not a part of popular culture. For the first time in the history of the world, there is a possible preventative cure for one of the most deadliest viral diseases to have entered the human gene pool. There is hope for those who have been diagnosed with a disease that may have given them only 20 or so years to live. This breakthrough in the science/pharmaceutical community means that other viral diseases and genetic mutations that were once incurable are now on the table for complete eradication. I’m absolutely seething that no one is talking about this on the news 24/7.

Actually, the recent news of a baby cured of HIV is actually the SECOND baby cured of the virus, isn’t it? I am sure I remember that being mentioned before, that this is the second case, though both were β€˜cured’ in different ways/were not part of the same case study.

There are astounding breakthroughs and incredible research going on in HIV treatment, therapy, prevention and cure every day, but it barely ever gets touched on. Which is absurd…it should be a primary focus for us as a people really, right up there with climate change and fixing the economy.Β 

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Lazy Sunday playing pool, drinking cider and reading on the river with this babe. πŸ™Œ (at Maribyrnong River Walking Track)

Was quick enough to catch tickets to the sold out @glassanimalsband gig at Ding Dong last night, supported by the awesome Yeo. Neither band will be playing gigs this small for long, feeling pretty lucky.
Also got a first listen of their Like A Version cover for this Friday - good shit! πŸ‘Œ#glassanimals #yeo (at Ding Dong Lounge)

Listening to some interesting women wax lyrical on feminism and practice at Cherchez la Femme. #cherchezlafemme #feminism #feminist (at The Duke of Wellington)

Out-of-this-world vegan(!!) baked Spanish omelette, delicious coffee, beautiful decor and gorgeous, friendly staff at Smith & Daughters for brunch club today. 5 stars. #brunchclubbandits #smithanddaughters #vegan (at Smith & Daughters)

@ceresband launched their debut album on Friday night and boy is it a good’un. Check out the Luck EP on Spotify then go buy the I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here record ASAP. πŸ‘Œ (at The Reverence Hotel)

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