Presenting: The Dumplings Pizza. πŸ™Œ (at Golden Chef Cooking - Asian Restaurant & Cooking classes)

Tune-Yards were so fucking good last night! One of the best shoes I’ve seen in a long, long time. #tuneyards (at Howler Melbourne)

Raleigh Ritchie 

YOU GUYS. IMPORTANT. Raleigh Ritchie = Jacob Anderson = Grey Worm. GoT GREY WORM. Hnnng.

A true gloves and scarf morning…and I have neither.

OH HI MARK. Totally just met Greg Sestero.
#ohhimark #theroom #gregsestero #sestosterone (at Cinema Nova)

Sick at home watching the World Cup, while the cat is watching me. Creeper 😺

Butternut pumpkin, poached eggs and wilted spinach on toast with relish and..what’s this? A hashbrown? No. CRUMBED. FRIED. FETTA.
Well played, #butcher128. A+++ (at Butcher 128)

@violentsoho4122 and @thesmithstreetband were (predictably) fucking amazing at The Hi-Fi last night. Today, everything hurts. #violentsoho #thesmithstreetband (at The Hi-Fi)

"Is that the soy?"
“Yeah I think so, the design on it’s pretty bad and that usually means it’s a soy.”
#themoreyouknow (at Butcher 128)

Riding atop the mangroves. (at Rhyll Wetland)

Spent a gorgeous afternoon with @aarow89 today, riding around Phillip Island on our noble electric steeds. πŸ’œ #bicyclegang (at Rhyll Inlet And Observation Point)

I like the call the top photo: “There’s Always One (Tall C*nts In My Grill)”.

In the mosh for Violent Soho at the Mildura One Night Stand. Messy! #triplejons #milduraons


current mood: tamagotchi after it poops


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